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Lorem Univia Farmer was developed using PHP and offers a user-friendly experience for farmers. The app is equipped with a language change feature, making it accessible to a diverse user base. It serves as a platform where farmers can pose questions about their agricultural concerns, and Univia's team of farmer doctors responds with solutions and product recommendations.

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Project Deliverables

Key Project Outcomes: Achieving Success Through Innovation

Key Features of Univia Farmer (UFA)

Language Change Feature**: UFA accommodates users from various linguistic backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

Query Submission

Farmers can submit questions and concerns regarding their crops, livestock, or farming practices.

Expert Assistance

Univia's team of farmer doctors provides expert advice and recommendations to address the farmers' queries and problems.

Product Recommendations

The app suggests relevant products that can help farmers solve their issues and improve their agricultural practices.

Mandi Market

UFA offers a comprehensive listing of crop sales prices in various states, enabling farmers to make informed decisions about their produce.

User Segmentation

The app is divided into distinct user segments – farmers and vendors, ensuring tailored experiences for both.

The Challenges

Overcoming Hurdles On The Road To Success

Data Accuracy for Mandi Market

Ensuring real-time and accurate data for the Mandi Market feature, which lists crop sales prices in various states, to help farmers make informed decisions about selling their produce.

Scalability and Performance

As the user base grows, ensuring that the app remains scalable, responsive, and performs efficiently, even under increased usage and data processing demands.

Multi-Lingual Support

Developing and maintaining a seamless language change feature in both the UFA (farmer) and UGA (vendor) apps to accommodate users from diverse linguistic backgrounds, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

Data Accuracy and Relevance

Maintaining the accuracy and relevance of the Mandi Market data, which is crucial for farmers to make informed decisions about crop sales, amidst constantly changing market conditions.

Our Approach

Key Project Outcomes: Achieving Success Through Innovation

Management Analysis
Business Analysis
User Analysis
UI Designing
Iterative Development
Design Development
Backend Interfacing
Unit Testing
Performance Testing
Beta Live


Key Project Outcomes: Achieving Success Through Innovation

Visualizing User Interaction

Crafting User-Focused Interfaces: A Visual Journey

Unveiling The Ultimate Univia Farmer App Experience

Your all-in-one solution for a seamless and comprehensive agricultural journey, providing farmers with expert advice, market insights, and a supportive community.

Introducing Our Cutting-Edge Univia CRM System

A user-friendly interface for effortless management of products, customized recommendations, and efficient interactions between vendors, administrators, and customers.

Click, Explore, Experience: The Magic Of Our Interactive Univia Website

Our interactive website is designed to immerse you in the world of farming, engage your agricultural senses, and provide a dynamic experience like no other, connecting you to a vibrant farming community.

Visual Tour of UI

Glimpse Of Our Final Product


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Janne Robinson


It was great to have found Excelsior Technologies !!

“It was great to have found Excelsior Technologies !! The team is professional and want to achieve client Satisfaction! Dan was coordinating with me and was extremely helpful and committed to achieving a Top Class product and gave valuable advice! Also must appreciate Mr. Hemins Bhavsar who was extremely helpful and was always a phone call away! Exceeded My Expectations!!! Good Customer Service. Thanks a lot. All the best Excelsior Technologies Team. Highly recommend.”

Neil Carpathios

They made it clear that they are committed to our success

“They made it clear that they are committed to our success. The product was delivered on time and within budget and has received positive feedback thus far. Excelsior Technologies provided a great project manager and demonstrated their interest in the business’s success. The relationship has been expanded due to their successes.”

Dan Johnson

when you ask them for something, they'll get it done

“The best thing about Excelsior Technologies is that when you ask them for something, they'll get it done. Excelsior Technologies’s genuine excitement for this project has led to a strong partnership with us. Their expertise and communication have helped to keep things running smoothly throughout this complex development process, and reactions to the product during the beta phase have been extremely positive.”

Nicholas Meriwether

Excelsior Technologies brought our dream into reality

“Our Software is exactly what we expected. Excelsior Technologies brought our dream into reality. Excelsior’s team delivers all requirements on time and within budget. Their team continuously tests for bugs, and the coding and graphics have been flawless. The project manager replies quickly to all requests and provides a positive customer service experience.”

Isabella Bertold

it is amazing how they accomplish what they promise

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Mahesh Bhavsar


I got all my requirements in just one website

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Gaurav Sharma


I rely on team Excelsior

“When it comes to delivering reliable & quick solutions to technology I rely on team Excelsior. Kushal especially has been helpful & resourceful enough to help out with any type of custom based app requirements both mobile & web-based. Hemins, on the other hand, have been always reciprocal when it comes to project updates. Kudos to team Excelsior Technologies and good wishes for the coming future.”