Some Amazing Features of Laravel 9


Laravel is a popular PHP framework for building enterprise-level web applications. Here’s a short look at the Laravel 9 release notes, the main new Laravel 9 features, and an overview of the latest Laravel release.


Laravel is a PHP and sophisticated PHP framework open-source framework.

Laravel 9 is now available. On February 8, 2022, a new version was launched.

Laravel 9 was released after three previous versions, including Laravel 8, Laravel 7, and Laravel 6. Laravel is a popular framework for building MVC-based object-oriented and high-performance web projects.

Laravel 9’s most recent features

Laravel 9 is now available, and if you’re curious about what’s new in this version, here’s a quick rundown.

- Anonymous Stub Migrations are the default in the newest version of Laravel.

- In Laravel 9, a new design for routes is offered, which was much needed in prior versions. Large routes were difficult to operate in the console.

- Laravel 9 includes support for Symfony 6.0, as well as several significant improvements over Laravel 8. In comparison to earlier versions, Flysystem 3.0 has made significant progress.

- On an extraordinary page, Laravel 9 has better themes. This exponential feature allows you to customise or select various themes at your leisure.

- The creators of Laravel 9 attempted to address issues with bugs and usability.

- PHP string function is one of the most important features of Laravel 9 to consider, as this new version is more focused on using PHP 8.0 and its string function, which includes str contains() and many other functions.

Like Laravel 6, Laravel 9 offers long-term support. Laravel 9 will provide the most comprehensive maintenance and support. You will receive two years of bug-fixing support, which will be extended until February 2024. Security assistance will be provided for three years, until 2025.

Reasons to prefer Laravel 9 over Laravel 8

Laravel 9 has switched from SwiftMailer to Symfony Mailer, which improves application consistency.

Laravel 9 has a default timeout of 30 seconds in HTTP clients. This step will assist in avoiding hangs that occurred in the previous version.


Laravel 9’s creators strive to provide the best solution for their users, and they do so by releasing new updated versions every year. However, it took them two years to introduce Laravel 9. This new version includes Laravel 9 new features that will make it easier to develop web apps.

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