Corporate Alliance

Corporate Alliance

Achieve industry-leading business outcomes with our partnerships for strategic services, technology and systems integrations. Our expertise, high quality, focused innovative solutions, competencies, reduced total cost and flexible delivery model helps you to achieve your goal preserving your bottom and meeting your deadlines. We at Excelsior technologies have always understood the true value of customers in scaling heights and attaining operational excellence. Our innovative IT solutions have helped clients to make more efficient business operations and increase productivity. To be precise, our services and solutions effectively deal with the business challenges of companies and further helps in gaining competitive advantage in the ever-expanding market.

As a Excelsior Technologies Partner, You Enjoy The Benefits Of:

  • Wider reach of your services and solutions
  • Referencing through our web site
  • Leveraging our capabilities by integrating services with yours
  • Mutual development plan
  • Full technical support
  • Higher Customer Productivity and Return On Investment
  • Builds competence for offshore software development methodology to ensure your success
  • At Reduced Costs
  • Leverage our high quality global IT workforce
  • Enhance your market competitiveness by focusing on your core business functions
  • Quality Solutions developed by following standard processes
  • Follows defined processes
  • Offers 24/7-hour Technical Support

Strategic Consulting Alliance:

Provide business advisory, planning, project management and implementation services to our customers.

Offshore Alliance:

With the right strategy, we ensure you get maximum business advantage at lower operational costs and quick on-time delivery.

Referral Alliance:

Identify new opportunities and get rewarded on a recurring basis through our simple payment structure and robust marketing assistance.

Joint Venture:

Get access to latest resources, markets and distribution channels by building joint ventures with us.